MASTERS is developed for kids who want to become professional climbers and have a lot of knowledge about this sport. The program includes 80 practices for 10 months. Each training session lasts 90 minutes.

Masters Training Program is suitable for children over 7 years old, who:


Have passed the “Advanced Talents” level


They climb systematically.


They want to become professional climbers.


They dream of higher peaks and more challenging routes.


The program’s purpose is to expose the children to greater challenges and show them how interesting and rewarding this sport can be.


Masters age groups are as follow:

  • 7 – 8 years
  • 9 – 11 years


Each group has two training sessions per week, with a duration of 90 minutes. You get the opportunity to choose between 4 different dates and hours for practice during the week.

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The duration of the practices will increase to 90 minutes. Specialized climbing exercises and techniques of the highest level will challenge the young climbers. Training will go through stages in which priority is given to certain qualities necessary for the respective discipline.

The instructors who train the kids are experienced climbers, athletes, and sports champions. The groups are composed of 4 children. Тwo internal competitions for the kids are included in the masters’ training program.

All the children who want to become professional climbers will have the opportunity to make a competition file at the BFCA (Bulgarian Federation of Climbing and Alpinism) and sign up for competitions of the Bulgarian Cup.


The duration of each training session is 90 minutes, and is divided into 3 parts.

Warm up

7 – 10 minutes

Main training

75 minutes

Final part

5 – 7 minutes


Masters Level is for children who climb systematically and want to develop as athletes in this sport.

10 monthWe recommend

BGN 2 328

  • 8 training sessions (twice a week)
  • entrance
  • instructor
  • the necessary climbing equipment
  • participation in 2 competitions to complete the whole level
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  • free access to the Walltopia Climbing Center (mandatory with an older companion)
  • rock climbing (with additional specification for the number of workouts)
  • catching up on missed workouts on the gym schedule
  • 10% discount for celebrating a birthday in Climb Academy
  • Annual card for all attractions in Funtopia
  • 20% discount at Climbar & Dinner
  • branded gift from Climb Academy (hat, T-shirt, buff, bag or bottle)
  • 10% discount for celebrating a birthday in Funtopia
  • 2 free entrances to Funtopia (come with a friend)
  • 50% discount on courses at the Walltopia Climbing Center for parents
  • 20% discount on annual cards at the Walltopia Climbing Center for parents
  • entrance as spectators to events and competitions organized at the Walltopia Climbing Center

The training sessions are twice a week with a duration of 90 minutes each. You have the opportunity to choose from 3 different combinations for training (days and hours) per week.


To ensure that your child will always be with the same instructor, it should be signed up in the same training slot.


Masters Level is led only by the senior instructors in the gym - professional climbers with extensive experience, former athletes and champions in the sport. One instructor works with a group up to 4 children. In case the group for the slot is bigger, we include additional instructor.


If you have questions read Frequently Asked Questions or contact us +359 (0)888 038 835 or e-mail us