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Bonuses for parents

Parents of children with 10-month subscriptions receive 50% off
climbing courses and 20% off annual passes at Walltopia Climbing Center!


Membership Level New Talents

Training program New Talents was created for primary education
of children in the age groups: 4-5 years / 6-8 years / 9-11 years
(3-year-old children are accepted at the discretion of the coach)


Advanced Talents

Advanced talents is a training program created for systematically trained children between 5-11 years.
The program consists of 80 trainings with a duration of 60 minutes each.
Practices take a place 2 times a week for 10 months.


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It's time to show your new skills!

“Challenge week” takes place every last week of the month. During “Challenge week” the little climbers get the opportunity to show off their new skills.

Sticker book

By winning 3,6,9 and 12 stickers, the little climbers get well-deserved prizes!

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