For your safety

Climbing is great, but it does entail certain risks when not practiced in a safe environment That’s why our climbing center is equipped with the best possible safety equipment to ensure a secure experience.


A perfect example of how valuable safety flooring is can be taken from indoor boulder climbing where it is mandatory in most parts of the world, to put some impact-absorbing material underneath the artificial climbing structure. The purpose of the impact-absorbing flooring for bouldering is to be able to accommodate landings, when falling from at least the top of the boulder, and minimize injuries.

Bouldering being the discipline where falling is a part of the sport, it is safe to say that these options are perfectly valid for high wall Climbing and Active entertainment facilities as well.

Boulder Mats

The climbing area is covered with a 40 cm thick bouldering mat from Climbmat, which is designed and tested in accordance with international safety standards (AS 2316.1; NF P90-311, EN 12572-2) and prevents serious injuries from falls up to 4.5 meters high.

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Trublue: An auto-belay device with a patented magnetic braking mechanism. This mechanism utilizes magnets to slow down or stop a given object. The braking technology is frictionless, allowing objects to descend more smoothly and gradually, while also extending their lifespan. These devices are utilized at Climb Academy.

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Safety measures at Walltopia Climbing Center

Climbing is a high-risk sport, and like any activity that takes place above the ground, it carries the danger of falling due to carelessness or equipment malfunction. The latter can result from improper use, incorrect or irregular maintenance, low-quality equipment of uncertain origin, or factory defects. Incidents related to equipment malfunction inevitably raise questions and doubts about any such equipment, whether it is personal or provided for use in a commercial center. Therefore, we consider it necessary to focus on the safety measures we have implemented at Walltopia Climbing Center and the choices we have made to ensure maximum safety.