for Children With Special Needs

for children with SEN

Climb Academy is a community where children with special needs are greeted with love and attention. We offer individual training sessions with a professional occupational therapist who knows how to use climbing as a development method for the kids.


The subscription includes 10 training sessions with a professional occupational therapist. Practices take a place by appointment via mail or phone.

3 months

BGN 50

  • entrance
  • 10 visits
  • the necessary climbing equipment without espadrilles)
  • necessary accessories for training with therapist (toys, blankets, etc.)
  • special lower price for training for a parent
  • access to the large climbing hall for occupations with an occupational therapist
  • 2 безплатни входа за посещение във Фънтопия (ела с приятел); услугата не включва ерготерапевт
  • 2 free entrances to visit Funtopia (come with a friend); the service does not include an occupational therapist
  • 10% discount for celebrating a birthday at Climb Academy
  • 20% discount at Climbar (for a group of up to 4 people)

Parents can watch the training to make their child feel more comfortable, but they do not take place in the training process. If the parent wants to be trained with his child, it is necessary to make an additional payment for training with an instructor at a special lower price. See prices here.



Initial assessment of the child’s level.


Preparation of an individual training program.


Conducting individual sessions.


Our experience in Walltopia Climbing Center showed us the needs and desires of children with special needs. The theory we know from other climbing gyms built by Walltopia has proven itself in front of our eyes. Climbing is an excellent activity for children with mental or physical disabilities. Climbing can reduce potential falls and injuries to children in the future.

Climbing improves:

  • muscle tone
  • the movement
  • endurance
  • flexibility
  • motor planning skills
  • spatial perception
  • healthy weight
  • coordination
  • body balance
  • bilateral coordination
  • eye-hand and eye-foot coordination
  • the motor skills

Our hall is bright and cozy, with many harmonious colors. It was created precisely because it is used only by children and we believe that this will help to integrate children with special needs into the child community. We believe that they will be happy in it!

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Anyone who has climbed knows that this is a healthy sport activity that unites people. Climbing forms a community and lifelong friendships. We believe that every community should welcome and accept everyone who needs and wants to be part of it. This is the reason why Climb Academy and Walltopia Climbing Center offer activities for children with special needs equal to all other children.

At the academy children with special needs can develop their skills in parallel with the other children and feel accepted and loved. We are convinced that they shouldn’t be in separate climbing gyms and spaces. We want to help CWSN to develop and socialize among groups of friends and new communities.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy provides an opportunity for independence for children with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities by developing, recovering, maintaining, or changing their daily skills for self-care and work. Thanks to Waltopia climbing has become one of the activities through which occupational therapists in Bulgaria work with children. And in the hall of 111v Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd., training sessions were held daily with climbing occupational therapists, dedicated to the cause to help children with autism or other special needs to live fully through this sport. Our instructors combine the knowledge of climbing and occupational therapy. Knowing how to use climbing walls helps for the development of CWSN and gives them a pleasant time of socialization and entertainment.

The Autism Today Association was founded by specialists in the field of applied behavioral analysis, members of the public and parents of children with autism.

The mission of the organization is to train specialists and create a professional society in Bulgaria to work with children with autism, which uses scientifically proven methods and adheres to global and European professional and ethical standards of practice. Considering the high need in our country and referring to world statistics, due to the lack of such for Bulgaria, they have accepted

the challenge to build Training Centers for Applied Behavioral Analysts in Bulgaria and to provide opportunities for professional development and acquisition of know-how in an area, unknown in Bulgaria. The association makes the dreams of generations of parents come true and we support them in every way and collaborate with them for the training of occupational climbing instructor.