Frequently Asked Question

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1. What is Climb Academy?

Climb Academy is an academy for climbers. A place where children between 3-11 ears old meet the sport of climbing and get acquainted with the climbing community.

3. What does it mean Level in Climb Academy?

At Climb Academy the training sessions are divided into 3 levels – New Talents, Advanced Talents and Masters. For more information, see Levels

5. What does a subgroup at Climb Academy mean? (How many times do groups of the same age train in 1 week?)

According to the needs of the different groups in Climb Academy, the trainings are divided weekly as follows:

  • New Talents – 1 training per week for 60 minutes
  • Advanced Talents – 2 training sessions per week for 60 minutes
  • Masters – 22 training sessions per week for 60 minutes

9. What is the minimum age for participation in the day camp?

The minimum age for participation in the day camp is 4 years, and the maximum is 11. Of course, participants over 11 years are welcome in the specially provided hours, and 3-year-old children are accepted at the discretion of the instructor. Please see the current schedule of training session at the academy.

11. How do I know which level to sign up my child in?

For your convenience, we will contact you and help you sign up your child in the right group. Please email us at the following email:

13. Can I transfer my child to another group at the same level, due to more convenient for me days and hours of training?

It is possible, but we do not recommend it. In order to provide maximum quality, we prepare a special program for each group, which is led by a specific instructor that children get used to during training. Such a change would lead to discomfort for children and thus disrupt the training process. For additional information, please write to us at:

15. Is the presence of a parent required during the training?

The presence of a parent / guardian is mandatory for children under 4 years old.

17. What are the working hours of the academy?

Climb Academy is open daily from 09:30 until 20:30.

19. Do you need special clothes?

When using the facilities, it is mandatory to wear comfortable sportswear and sports shoes. If children have their own espadrilles (climbing shoes) they are welcome to use them. It is also possible to rent espadrilles from us. The rest of the equipment is included in the membership price. (rope, seat, safety device)

21. What are the anti-epidemic measures at Climb Academy?

Get acquainted with the anti-epidemic measures here.

23. Do I have to make an appointment in advance?

Yes. We recommend pre-booking as places in groups are limited.

25. Can my child climb freely in the gym without being sign up in training?

Climbing at Climb Academy takes place only in the presence of our instructors or in the presence of a parent with the necessary knowledge of climbing.

Learn more about individual training with an instructor, as well as Membership with a Companion here.

27. What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay for the service you want online or with bank transfer, as well as in cash, by debit or credit card on site.

29. Is there a place to park?

In front of the building there is a separate parking lot for public use. After 05:00 pm. you can use a paid one. The price for 1 hour is BGN 2.

31. What are the prices of Climb Academy?

Prices at Climb Academy depend on the group in which you want to enroll your child. You can find more information about them here.

33. When sign up a sibling, are there any discounts?

Yes, when sign up a brother or sister, the discount is 15% of the price for the second child.

35. Can I freeze my membership?

Membership may be freeze for health reasons and after a medical document has been provided.

2. What facilities does Climb Academy have?

The academy has climbing walls, a boulder area, a parkour track, slacklining and ninja hurdles. For the little ones there is a special play area, of course inspired by climbing, but designed to be safe for two years old children.

4. What does a group at Climb Academy mean? (age)

There are several age groups in Climb Academy, so children get the necessary pedagogical approach for their age.

6. How is the training sessions going at Climb Academy?

Our instructors have a specially prepared program for each level and group and each training is divided into three parts (preparatory, basic, final). Each part has specific goals and methods and the main method of preparation is “learning by playing”.

8. How often are the trainings held and for how long?

A standard workout is 60 minutes, and depending on the group in which the child is enrolled, it can be from once to several days a week (see point 5.)

10. Is training appropriate if my child has never climbed before?

You are in the right place. 🙂 The programs at Climb Academy are tailored to your child’s abilities: Beginners (New Talents), Intermediate (Advanced Talents), Skilled (Masters). In addition, the activities are tailored to the age of the child. The age groups are 4-5 years, 6-8 years and 9-11 years (3-year-old children are accepted at the discretion of the instructor.)

12. Can we enroll at any time of the year?

Yes, at any time of the year, except the months of July and August, when you can join our summer program.

18. Who are the instructors in the gym?

Take a look at our instructors here.

20. What are the safety conditions at Climb Academy?

Your child’s safety is the number one priority at Climb Academy. Safety devices are the highest class available on the international market and are checked daily. Children always train in small groups, with an instructor who monitors their safety and development or with an adult companion with knowledge of climbing. You can read more about our rules here.

22. Does the place have changing rooms and lockers for personal belongings?

Yes. The Academy has separate locker rooms with lockers for personal belongings.

24. Are there any additional requirements for the visitors of the Academy?

At the first visit it is mandatory to sign an Informed Consent from a parent/ guardian. You can also fill in the informed consent online here or on site at the stations in the Academy.

26. Are there training conditions for children with special educational needs?

Yes, Climb Academy has special time slots for children with special educational needs. For more information contact us by email:

28. Can I unsubscribe at any time and get my money back?

The paid subscription amounts are not refundable, as an individual training program has been prepared for your registration.

30. Are there any activities during the summer?

Yes, sign up for our newsletter or read more here.

32. Can I celebrate my child's birthday at Climb Academy?

Oh yes 🙂 Climb Academy is a great place to celebrate a birthday to your child. More information can be found here.

34. Is it possible despite the age difference of two children, to be in the same group?

It is possible, but the final decision is made by the instructor.

36. Can anyone other than a parent or guardian sign the declarations?

Yes, an adult companion can sign the declaration.