Early Childhood Development and Sport

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), children aged 1 to 3 should engage in a variety of physical activities at least 180 minutes daily to promote healthy growth.Тhis period is associated with intensive sensory systems and motor skills development.

What you need to know?

Climb Academy's "Early Childhood Development and Sports" program is designed for infants and their parents, aiming to nurture the child's physical and mental development while strengthening the parent-child bond.
Developed in collaboration with experts, including a child psychologist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, and trainer, the program includes engaging games, motor exercises, and dances to enhance children's cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.

The program

The program is designed for 5 key age groups ranging from 10 months to 2 years. Classes are structured according to age and last for 45 minutes. Each group can accommodate up to 8 parents and 8 children. Children participate barefoot or in socks, while parents wear socks and comfortable clothing during the sessions.
Група 10-13 месечни програма Ранно Детско Развитие и Спорт

10-13 months

Група 14-18 месечни програма Ранно Детско Развитие и Спорт

14-18 months

Група 19-24 месечни програма Ранно Детско Развитие и Спорт

19-24 months

The program starts with infants aged 10 months, as this period is associated with the first attempts from crawling to standing up and walking. This is a significant moment in a child's development and the program helps the parents and child to accomplish this mission.

The age from 10 months to 3 years is recognized as a critical period for overall development, encompassing the child's physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and communicative skills. Our program aims to foster optimal growth and development, ensuring that children reach their full potential.

Climb Academy's Early Childhood Development and Sports program aims to:

– Improve language and communication skills
– Support cognitive development
– Enhance gross and fine motor skills
– Promote active motor development
– Develop a sense of rhythm and tact
– Foster social and emotional development
– Strengthen the parent-child bond

Climb Academy’s “Early Childhood Development and Sports” program aims to help parents understand child development theory through practical tasks and exercises in class. We encourage applying these exercises at home to ensure a qualitative mastery of each developmental stage.

Climbing as part of Climb Academy's Early Childhood Development and Sports program

As the first climbing academy for children in Bulgaria we encourage climbing at an early age. That’s why we implement the adaptable “Pikler Triangle” from Wooden Magic in some of the physical activities of our program.

The Pikler Triangle is a wooden climbing structure invented by Hungarian pediatrician Dr. Emmi Pikler over a century ago. It promotes independent play, boosts confidence, and enhances motor skills.

The key benefits of the Pikler Triangle include improving motor skills, balance, coordination, and vestibular development. It also strengthens muscles, builds confidence, improves posture, and nurtures imagination.


10-13 months old
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The child discovers a whole new world. It’s time for standing up and new achievements. In this group, crawling will be stimulated until the first steps become possible.

During the classes, the child will acquire pointing, imitation and develop shared attention. Following the natural pace of language development, the connection with the surrounding world will be enhanced with the emergence of the first words.

14-18 months old
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Child’s curiosity and growing motor skills enable more active exploration of the world. We aim to encourage the development of first tentative steps into confident strides.

Motor skills will be developed as the child will start crawling on the ladder by himself. Climbing in upright position will become possible with the assistance of the parent.

19-24 months old
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Growing motor skills empowers the child to explore the surrounding world independently. We actively stimulate language development, untill child’s vocabulary increases rapidly.
During the classes we focus on developing skills such as running, jumping, ball bouncing, and sorting objects into different categories.