Summer Day Camp

Summer Camp

02 June - 14 September

Summer vacation is here, which means that we at Climb Academy have prepared a great Summer Camp. We combine many outdoor activities, sports, great games, an interactive educational program, and of course climbing to make your child’s vacation fun and beneficial. We work to make children happy, healthy, and smiling and to guarantee them an unforgettable summer filled with adventures. Our summer camp is suitable for children from 5 to 12 years.


15 August - 19 August


15 August - 19 August

How much does it cost?

Daily visit

52 BGN.

Weekly membership

5 days in a row

234 BGN.

Monthly membership

4 weeks in a row

928 BGN.

Food for one day

Lunch and afternoon breakfast

16 BGN.

Menu for the week

Lunch and afternoon breakfast

80 BGN.

* Every second child has a 15% discount from the basic price ( discount does not apply to the menu)
* All prices are with included VAT

How to schedule an appointment?

Joining Climb Academy summer camp can be via:

  • online reservation
  • Phone reservation:
    088 8038835
    088 2263778

*  Reservation is active when the sum is paid in advance with debit/credit card or through Epay.


Please read the terms and conditions of use in Walltopia Climbing Center and Climb Academy and fill the form correctly.