Corrective gymnastics

Spinal deformities and the benefits of corrective gymnastics.

What you should know:

Spinal curvature and fallen arch, also known as flatfeet, are common musculoskeletal issues that often affect growing children. These conditions are primarily caused by muscle imbalance, which stems from improper posture or asymmetric muscle development. During the rapid growth phase of childhood, between the ages of 7 and 18, the musculoskeletal system undergoes significant changes. If muscle development lags behind the growth of bones, it can lead to instability and imbalances in the body, contributing to spinal curvature and flatfeet.

Spinal curvature types:


A spinal curvature that is characterized by a lateral bend (to the left or right), the spine takes on an S-shaped curve in the frontal plane.


An excessive curvature of the spine in the thoracic region, which results in a hunchback.


An increased lumbar curve in the lower back, towards the abdomen.(lumbar region of the spine).


Although flat feet are not a spinal curvature, they are a major prerequisite for problems with the lower extremities and the spine. The muscles, ligaments, and tendons that support the arch of the foot weaken, and the foot touches the ground with its entire surface. This violation leads to an incorrect position of the foot, respectively the position of the ankles, knees, and pelvis is disrupted. This creates a prerequisite for the development of poor posture.

As a result of muscle imbalance, the spinal vertebrae are loaded incorrectly. The load on the intervertebral discs and internal organs increases, which in turn can lead to stiffness, pain in the neck, back, and back, numbness and weakness in the limbs, and impaired normal functioning of the internal organs.

Our goal

Our goal is to prevent musculoskeletal dysfunction through physiotherapy.
Corrective gymnastics is a key method for achieving this goal. It includes specific and targeted physical exercises to correct posture, improve strength, flexibility, and endurance. Corrective gymnastics can also be used as a preventive measure, as it strengthens the muscles of the whole body and focuses on building a strong muscle corset, improves balance, coordination, and develops all basic motor skills.
Each child undergoes an examination by a specialist before an individual set of exercises is developed for them.
Corrective gymnastics is conducted under the supervision of a physiotherapist, who observes the proper performance of the exercises.

Schedule an appointment:

All parents with children aged 6+ may assign an appointment with Michaela Reshavska over the phone +359 879 383 512


Primary examination: 24 BGN/per child
10-month subscriptions: FREE
Corrective gymnastics training: 41 BGN/child
10-month subscriptions:recieve 20% discount from the regular price for corrective gymnastics trainings.
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