Enroll in Climb Academy's training programs and take your place in the competitions.

Climb Academy's competitions.

Our experience learned us to do everything possible to make our customers feel confident that they've made the right choice. That’s why we came up with the idea of competitions where every kid with an annual membership card can participate. This is our way to show kids’ results to their parents, how far they’ve become and what they’ve learned.

Every year Climb Academy organizes two internal competitions.
Competitors are separated into groups. Each group goes through different disciplines, such as speed and top rope climbing, travers, and boulders.
By passing every discipline the climbers earn points which are calculated by the refers. The kid with the highest score gets first place.

Every child gets rewarded for their participation in the competition.

The Climb Academy training program is divided into two sessions. As in school, the first session ends at the end of January, and the second one in June. By involving the competitions and passing all disciplines kids get the opportunity to jump to a higher level in the training programs such as " Advanced Talents" and " Masters".