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Climbing benefit #1

Climbing educates determination, perseverance and focus.

Climbing a route requires thinking a few steps ahead. In order to reach the top children should measure their strength. When that happens, it gives them a sense of satisfaction and a goal achieved.
Experience brings valuable lessons such as the ability to learn and accept failure (when kids fail to climb a route), as well as to be able to shake off the loss and motivate themselves to try again and again until they manage to cope.

Climbing benefit #2

Climbing trains all muscles

This is the ideal workout that has an element of play, adventure, and thought. The feeling of a healthy dose of adrenaline and achieving a goal brings a smile. The safety equipment, the flooring, and the instructors make sure that all this happens in a safe environment.

Climbing benefit #3

Climbing gives children a sense of success and educates a competitive spirit.

By climbing children set and achieve their own goals, overcome their fears, trust each other and work in a team. All of this helps build confidence and leadership skills.

Climbing benefit #4

Climbing improves motor planning skills.

This sport increases spatial perception, bilateral coordination, eye-hand coordination, and eye-foot coordination. In addition, fine motor skills are improved by climbing, as it is necessary to apply different holds.

Climbing benefit #5

Climbing gives autism kids extremely needed skills.

Climbing is a fun, dynamic, and exciting activity for children. They gladly accept the challenges such as overcoming various obstacles, learning new skills, and jumping into new adventures. Climbing can be an excellent physical activity for children with mental or physical disabilities for a lot of reasons.