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About Climb Academy

Climb Academy is a brand new training concept developed especially for kids between the ages of 3 and 12 years.

Climb Academy is more than a
climbing center for children!

This is an academy for climbers!

The academy is located in the angular building of Walltopia on Tsarigradsko shose 111v and is located on an area of 500 sq.m. on the ground floor, overlooking the park outside.

Climb Academy will introduce children between the ages of 3 and 11 to the unique world of sport climbing and will make them fall in love with it.


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About the Gym

The space of Climb Academy is designed with meaning for children. This is a result of our efforts as professionals and as parents to provide more opportunities for intensive physical activity in a safe environment for children between 3 and 11 years old.

To do this, we trusted instructors with many years of experience in climbing and together we developed training programs for children, in which we found a balance between the focus on technique, difficulty and speed. Each program is tailored to the age and individual abilities of the children. Our hall is bright and cozy, with many harmonious colors that children like. It was created precisely because it is used only by children. We believe that you will be happy in it!


The company Walltopia, the founder of Climb Academy, was founded in Bulgaria in 1998 by Ivaylo Penchev and Metin Musov. The two partners are giving up a professional sports career to build a business for artificial climbing walls. In a short time Walltopia became known in all continents and today it is the largest manufacturer of climbing walls and a leading manufacturer of attractions in the world.

It is Walltopia who has made it possible to promote climbing as a sport (now even Olympic) among young and old around the world, through the hundreds of halls he builds, interactive climbing walls and the idea of active entertainment with attractions that combine fun with sport. The projects implemented by Walltopia number over 2000 and are located in 76 countries. The name WALLTOPIA is a benchmark for quality in the climbing world and climbing halls proudly mark their walls with the company logo so that their visitors can know that they have chosen the best for them.


Walltopia not only produces the highest quality products, but also changes the global industry by imposing new developments and new concepts for sports and entertainment. This is exactly the concept of Climb Academy – a format of a children’s climbing hall, which does not exist so far in Bulgaria and the region. Until now, children in our country could train in the big hall Walltopia Climbing Center, but with the Academy, the company pays special attention to child development and physical education, creates a space where children feel comfortable and in place – a hall where the focus of coaches is entirely focused on helping them develop their body and mind by unleashing their potential in this beautiful sport.

Climbing is a sport that develops the whole body and trains the mind in many ways – to be focused and to visualize solutions to problems. Like running and swimming, climbing is natural and inherent in children.

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